Only $125

 Activation: "Armor of God"

* Father God gifted Armor for a consistent flow of divine energy to surround us at all times
* It was given at birth; we are never without it.
* It resides in an unseen vibration

* St. Paul sensed it and spoke of it in the Bible: Ephesians.
* Complete Faith in Divine Father God is required. 
* Activation of the Armor allows for the vibration of the Armor to be felt.

​An hour phone call is all it takes! 

I start by asking Father God to Activate your Armor. 

Once activated I will explain what your Armor looks like, including your Swords.

​Be empowered to heal yourself and Fight off Negative Energy!!

​"My whole family is calmer and happier since I have been swording our home including our beds!" RB, Tucson

"So grateful God bestowed this gift to Cate, truly amazing"   Holistic Healer, AZ 

"Armor of God" Contains: 

Helmet of Salvation:

*Good & evil (light & dark) is seen.

*Protects the 3rd eye and temples. 
Shield of Faith: 
*Our trust and loyalty to God is kept.
*Shields us from the non-divine energies.

Breastplate of Righteousness:
*Spiritual, worthy & deserving state of knowing is protected.
*Heart is protected. 
Belt of Truth:
*Gospel of truth is heard
*Intention that only truth is told surrounds our body.

Footwear-Gospel of Peace:
*Grounds our energy to Mother Earth; *Awareness is heightened.  

*Walking in calmness; peace is achieved. 
*Brotherhood, love and unity are present. 

Sword of the Spirit:
*God’s light emanates from the sword to fight the dark energies. 
*Offense piece of the Armor.


The New "NOW" Technique  Only $65

Soul Connection with Divine Mother God Through Divine Mother Earth by means of the Saguaro Divine Energy Grid in the desert!  This Connection Keeps your Mind in the Present state, the state where Miracles happen and Manifesting occur, the "NOW" Mental and Emotional state! No more worrying about your History (The past that holds all the emotional and mental attachments) and releases the Future worries. "NOW" Technique creates endless possibilities. 

What People are saying after the "NOW" Technique:

  • Feel like I lost 20 pounds (emotions are energy that carry weight)

  • Feel SO Light

  • It's easier to breathe outside

  • I'm doing great. I go through emotions however they get in check fast

  • So in some respects I think the session helped solidify everything quickly

  • Can't believe how much Energy I was holding.

  • I feel roots coming out of my toes.

  • Very Grounded!

  • Solid


** Note: A dull headache does occur afterwards. I used Lavender ​Essential Oil on my forehead to release. I believe this is due to reprogramming of our thought process by Divine Mother.