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Stories from the Medium, Catieb

I recently visited Jerome; AZ. A haunted mining town. In my 30 years in living in AZ I have always avoided this town. I could feel all the entities, lost souls, helpless souls that were stuck in that town. My friend just moved to Clarkdale, AZ which lies beneath Jerome. We ventured up the hill top to the haunted community. First stop the famous haunted hotel. I was thinking to myself, "why are we going there", however, drive my car up a single lane road to the top of the hill where the hotel is in its glory. There was one parking spot left! I stepped out of the car and as I was walking to the front door heard, "look up". I looked up to the second story of the hotel to find a woman with a long red dress looking down at me. The dress seemed to be in the early 1900's. My dear friend said let's go! My heart felt heavy and I was not that excited to walk into where there were hundreds of souls. I took a deep breath and continued in the door. My dear friend is not sensitive to spirits as I am, she did not feel what I was feeling. I tried to block out most of them, asking for Protection with every step I took. When we got back to her home in Clarkdale I did not feel right, very tired, could not focus could not see very clearly. Another friend texted me soon after we got back, told my Dead Files was on again. It hit me that I was not alone, that I had bought souls with me, that they wanted help to cross over to the light. So I quickly cleared and crossed over those with me and then felt compelled to clear the town. When I started that process, I could not stay awake, I had to go and help. When I sleep, I leave my body and help cross over people amongst other things. When I woke up in the morning, the air was easier to breathe. My eyesight was very clear. I knew many people were saved and back home with God!

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