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The New "NOW" Technique

Soul Connection with Mother God Through Mother Earth by means of the Saguaros in the desert!  This Connection Keeps your Mind in the Present state, the state where miracles happens and Manifesting occurs, the NOW Mental  and Emotional state! No more worrying about your History (The past that holds all the emotional and mental attachments) and releases the Future worries. This Technique creates endless possibles. 

What People are saying after the NOW Technique:

  • Feel like I lost 20 pounds (emotions are energy that carry weight)

  • Feel SO Light

  • It's easier to breathe outside

  • I'm doing great. I go through emotions however they get in check fast

  • So in some respects I think the session helped solidify everything quickly
  • Can't believe how much Energy I was holding.
  • I feel roots coming out of my toes.
  • Very Grounded!
  • Solid
** Note: A dull headache does occur afterwards. I used Lavender ​Essential Oil to on my forehead to release. I believe this is due to reprogramming of our thought process by Mother God. 
** Remember this is a Soul Connection!! If your ego (negative thought process and actions that are not aligned with your soul purpose) is where you are functioning the feelings that you once felt after this technique will fade away. Mother God needs us in our Soul Present State to Create Miracles and our Fabulous Future. 

***Donations are accepted for this Service Whatever it means to you to be in the NOW and feel a sense of freedom, go to Paypal enter in my user name & donate what it means for you not to worry any longer! God Bless!

Angelic Healing

1 Hour Session in your home: 

This treatment contains 20 minutes of channeling Divine Energy to balance your 4 Energy bodies, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. I also talk with you before the session to understand the issues that are happening and understand the reason behind the unbalance. After the channeling I then discuss what I was told by your spiritual guides while I was channeling.


  • The root of the issues are revealed!



Space-cleansing is neutralizing and removing all non-divine energy from your home, office or a person. Non-Divine Energy could manifest it's self as ghosts (lost souls that could be related to you), evil spirits or demonic forces. Messages from the deceased including how the death occurred are passed on.

After the cleansing I Follow by filling the space with Loving, Peaceful Divine Energy.  

Within the Tucson and Surrounding Area: (Price Varies) 

Outside of the Tucson and Surrounding Area: Appropriate Travel expenses will be added to the cost.

Distance Cleansing - Entity Removal  

Let me Remove what keeps you up at Night!

Retainer Service 


*****Very Popular Service*****

Text 10 times to obtain Healing or Energy Cleansing. 
Experiencing lack of joy, motivation, feeling suck?
Non-Divine Energy can be in many forms some are emotional like anger, sadness, anxiety or physical unexplained pain (blocked Divine Energy), headaches, back pain.
Non-divine could be Spirits or the feeling of being Psychically   attacked. 
This service gives you 10 texts to be Cleansed.
Texting Hours are between 7 am-9 pm

Only  $125! You will not be disappointed!!

This service is being utilized by people with loved ones with Alzheimer's, individuals with jobs in the mental institutions, Individuals who are working in stressful work conditions, families with autistic children, families with love ones who are having a hard time transitioning, PTSD, chronic depression or anxiety, sensitive kids that cannot sleep!  


 "I love having the ability to Text Cate and have an instance change in energy!" BW


Activation: Armor of God

This is about an hour phone call. I start by asking Father God to Activate your Armor.  Once activated I will explain what your Armor looks like including your Swords which are use to fix any Non-Divine Energy that may cross your path. Read my Blog about it!! 

Be empowered to heal yourself and Fight off Non-Divine Energy!!

"My whole family is calmer and happier since I have been swording our home!" " So grateful God bestowed this gift to Cate, truly amazing" AZ 

Distance Healing
Divine energy can be transferred to a person where ever they are.
This treatment is done at night unless the person has a reason to stay up at night.


The client receives 4 nights/day in the row of channeling divine energy to release the blocks that the person has to balance their 4 bodies, spiritual, mental, emotion and physical. I take notes of what is released and balanced every night. I write an email stating what occurred and follow up with a phone call. Two treatments are usually needed. 1st treatment is the release and balance while the 2nd one (if wanted) begins to help the person grow in order to change behaviors.  



Clairvoyant Communication: $75 

One Hour Session

Over the phone/In person

Oracle Card Reading: $65

In person/ Over the phone/ Email/Text 

Cost of sessions can be made in payments, Just Ask! 

Paypal invoices will be issued; Pay by Mail; Cash

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Cate Brandt

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