If you cannot remember a solid good nights sleep, Non-Divine Energy is present.



When you are having nightmares, you feel like someone is watching you from behind, and when you scared to walk alone in the woods, then there is Non-Divine Energy that is present.

                                              Removing Entities - Ghosts - Deceased Relatives

I have helped individuals with situations with entities within or around their home.

These Individuals are living all around the country, From my home in Tucson, AZ, I have helped clients in AL,GA, WA, CO, MI, Iowa, different parts of AZ, PA, West VA, SC, NC,Hawaii, CA

I work with the Mother/Father God and the Archangels and many other Divine Beings.

You will feel lighter, happier and more at ease. 

The Energy of a non-divine being will cause mood swings, pain in the body, health issues that Western Medicine cannot explain.  If you are constantly thinking about some who has died, it is more than likely they are with you. Your energy body is not handling the vibration of whatever is around you. Let me check into your surroundings to see what is affecting you. 


Experiencing Unexplained Pain? 

Pain is Blocked Chi (Energy) in your Body; Non-Divine Energy (Entities) Block the Flow of Chi!

Email me to see how I can help release the pain. 

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