Everything is made of Energy: Albert Einstein


I have realized that there is a disconnect with the Metaphysical community.  I am a Reiki Master, I have had 3 different teachers. The first taught Reiki 1 and working with the Archangels; the second master was excellent at distance Reiki and the third master for my level 3 could see other realms. All three masters were excellent on their knowledge and I cannot thank them enough. I also learned through attending Reiki Circles early on that Practitioners  did not discern what kind of Energy they were channeling.  Being strong in my Faith in Father God I know They (Mother/Father God) are Divine Energy and I make sure that I am only channeling Divine Energy.

I have excelled over the past 13 years in my abilities as a Reiki Master which in turn gave me the ability to communicate with the souls that have left their physical bodies. To heal and have closure sometimes takes hearing from the souls that you have had relations with. With each client I learn more and more about souls, realms and heaven. And with new knowledge brings deeper healing that is exciting and fulfilling. 

My Divine purpose is to Clear/Release the Non-Divine Energy off the Planet. I am very passionate about my Divine Purpose in life and have vowed to Mother God -Sophia and Father God - Abba that my service is with them. 

I have learned over the past 18 years that Discernment of Energy must happen since there is good and evil, light and dark, soul and ego. 


Dis-ease can and will occur when Divine Energy flow has stopped.

When Divine balance and flow are occurring, happiness, health, success, and prosperity can be achieved.

If you are feeling unbalanced or can feel that the divine flow has stopped.........


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Eliminate blocks that are holding you back from living Your Divine purpose.

Cate Brandt

Reiki Master (July, 2006)

Medium 2010

B.S.B.A (University of Arizona, 1991)


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I was introduced to Reiki at a hospice. A volunteer at the hospice mentioned that there is a way to channel Divine Energy to create happiness. This got my attention. For years I had not been happy. Even as a young adult I was not content in my body and I had thoughts that were very different then other people about life.

 As a child I stayed in from recess to help the teacher. I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the winter I never saw the joy of going out in 20-degree weather to run around with other kids. I tried my hardest to stay in a warm building. I liked being around adults rather than children. I liked music, and hearing stories from elders. I remember being in choir as a second grader and told by the instructor not to move to the music. I was hurt by this and started putting up walls at the age of 7.

When I was in high school, I went to school every day until I was a Junior, I got mono from a drinking fountain. I was asleep for 4 days straight and when I finally woke up, I felt the world differently. I changed my name from Cathy to Cathie. When drama or chaos was around, I left the area.  I also started to realize when someone was lying to me and I would call them out until my grandmother told me that people lie and they had to deal with the consequences when the truth was revealed.  

I came to Tucson at the age of 19 and stayed. I have never felt the desert as being my home and still don’t to this day. I am more of a tree and water soul. I feel much more balanced by a large body of water and big rooted trees. However, I now have a granddaughter which keeps me here for the time being.

I started my Reiki journey in 2000. I received for a year and a half until getting my first attunement. I was very skeptical at first. I received my Master attunement in the summer of 2006. I had 3 Reiki teachers for each level of Reiki attunement. I was told by an astrologer that I am very powerful and would be very powerful if I pursued my Master Level of Reiki. I did not believe the “powerful” part of the reading until just recently. I now understand and want to share my gifts to help others understand their soul purpose in life. To understand one’s soul is to understand one’s meaning to this life time.

Getting to know me (soul me) has been a journey and a blessing!  To final understand why I never felt like the majority of the population now makes complete sense.

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