Only $125

 Activation: "Armor of God"

* Father God gifted Armor for a consistent flow of divine energy to surround us at all times
* It was given at birth; we are never without it.
* It resides in an unseen vibration

* St. Paul sensed it and spoke of it in the Bible: Ephesians.
* Complete Faith in Divine Father God is required. 
* Activation of the Armor allows for the vibration of the Armor to be felt.

​An hour phone call is all it takes! 

I start by asking Father God to Activate your Armor. 

Once activated I will explain what your Armor looks like, including your Swords.

​Be empowered to heal yourself and Fight off Negative Energy!!

​"My whole family is calmer and happier since I have been swording our home!"

"So grateful God bestowed this gift to Cate, truly amazing" AZ 

"Armor of God" Contains: 

Helmet of Salvation:

*Good & evil (light & dark) is seen.

*Protects the 3rd eye and temples. 
Shield of Faith: 
*Our trust and loyalty to God is kept.
*Shields us from the non-divine energies.

Breastplate of Righteousness:
*Spiritual, worthy & deserving state of knowing is protected.
*Heart is protected. 
Belt of Truth:
*Gospel of truth is heard
*Intention that only truth is told surrounds our body.

Footwear-Gospel of Peace:
*Grounds our energy to Mother Earth; *Awareness is heightened.  

*Walking in calmness; peace is achieved. 
*Brotherhood, love and unity are present. 

Sword of the Spirit:
*God’s light emanates from the sword to fight the dark energies. 
*Offense piece of the Armor.